Wildest Daydreams Viscose Linen – Seconds Grade B (Narrow Width)

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Wildest Daydreams Viscose Linen

Original Width: 130 cm

Weight: 185 g / m²


Sister Mintaka presents the Wildest Daydreams Viscose Linen fabric.

This landscape print has sweet mountains, trees and sun rays! The print is vibrant with almost a whole rainbow of colours. The white background is slightly translucent, so you may wish to line it or layer your garment.

This Viscose Linen is lightweight and breathable. It feels soft and has a beautiful drape. It’s perfect for shirts and dresses.

This fabric is 80% viscose, 20% linen.

Seconds – There are flaws in specific areas, reducing the overall width of the fabric. You could use the flawed parts for facings or parts that won’t be seen on the outside of your project. There may be some small blank areas in the rest of the fabric where the design hasn’t been printed fully. The print on this piece is less vibrant compared to the Grade A pieces. The colour difference is subtle, but you’d notice it of you used a piece of Grade A and Grade B together.

We do our best to get accurate images of all of our fabrics, but due to varying monitor screens, colours may differ slightly to the original fabric.

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1.05 x 3 m, 1.1 m x 1.3 m