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Pre Orders

What are Pre Orders?

Pre Orders are items you order which aren’t currently in stock, but they are coming soon.

Why do you offer Pre Orders?

Sometimes a popular fabric designer / brand will produce a limited edition collection of fabrics, or a super popular fabric will fly off the shelves. At Sister Mintaka we place an order with the brand and then we open up Pre Orders to you. We give you the chance to buy the fabrics first.

When some manufacturers like Ruby Star Society or Rifle Paper Co receive our order, and all the orders from across the globe, they’ll round up the production quantities to the nearest 100 meters or so. Once they’ve gone to print, it’s very unlikely that we will be able to order the same fabric again, as there is very little surplus fabric.

By offering Pre Orders, it gives us the chance to add to our order based on your demands. So if something sells out whilst it’s on Pre Order, then there’s a good chance that we can order more.

Remember to place your Pre Order early, because we might not be able to order more once the fabric has gone into production or if the fabric has already been shipped to us.

How do I place a Pre Order?

You will need to place an order separately for your Pre Orders. If you place your order alongside stock that is currently available, then your whole order will only be dispatched when the Pre Order fabric arrives.

If you accidently place an order and mix the Pre Order and available stock, and you’d like to receive the in-stock fabrics sooner, then please email us at hello@sistermintaka.com and we can send you a postage invoice. Once that’s paid, we’ll ship your available items right away.

Ordering Multiple Pre Order Collections

Please note that different collections may have different due dates. Please order each collection separately, so that we can post each one to you as it arrives. If you order multiple collections in one order, then we will wait until the last collection has arrived, before we post your whole order out to you.

On each Pre Order product page, there will be an estimated arrival date. As an example, please order all of the ‘August’ products in one order and the ‘September’ products in a separate order.

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