Prym Tripod Tool For Non-Sew Fasteners


Prym Tripod Tool For Non-Sew Fasteners

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Sister Mintaka presents the Prym Tripod Tool For Non-Sew Fasteners.

The Prym tripod is a practical accessory to process non-sew buttons and eyelets in places that are far away from the fabric edge. With its three legs stable in the stand, the tripod can be used to attach rivets, eyelets, jeans buttons and press fasteners precisely at any point on the fabric. The plate of the tripod is pushed under the material – the top comes up into the tripod. The tools from the respective pack have to be pushed up into the plate and the upper part. The press fastener is riveted with a hammer, ideally made out of rubber. Due to its ergonomic design, this useful riveting tool has even received the well known Red Dot Design Award. The tripod can be used for all non-sew buttons and eyelets, with the exception of ‘Color Snaps’ and 11 and 14 mm eyelets

  • Easy processing of Prym non-sew fasteners – also far away from the fabric edge
  • For all Prym non-sew fasteners such as eyelets, press fasteners except ‘Color Snaps’
  • Precise positioning of non-sew products


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