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Hello Folks,

I hope you’re enjoying the summer. The weather in Britain is so warm and sunny at the moment. I think it could deserve the title, “Best Summer Ever!” This kind of weather makes me want to sit behind the sewing machine and whip up pretty dresses in Cotton Lawns and Rayons. Anything floaty and loose is perfect for this heat.

I’m sitting in the garden though enjoying a cold drink and catching the last few rays of the day. I’ve been reflecting on my journey so far with Sister Mintaka. We haven’t been around for very long, but already this business has become a huge part of my life. I live and breathe it, but I’m lucky as it brings me so much joy. There is something so rewarding about establishing a new business and building it up from scratch. I am so lucky to be in a position where I can launch a small business. Starting a company is no easy feat, but I wouldn’t have got this far without my fellow small business owners. There is an extraordinary community of indie businesses who really support each other (shout out to The Indie Rollercoaster!) The hashtag #communityovercompetition has never felt so true.

That’s the reason why I write this post. I want to celebrate the community of small businesses! I want to support the wonderful people who make items to sell. In our store we have an array of fabrics and haberdashery items to help you create your products; whether that’s dresses, toys, homeware or something completely different. Whatever you’re sewing, hopefully we have something that’s perfect for you.

To support your business and help you grow we’d love to offer you a discount. You’ll need to complete the form (here) and answer a few questions, just to confirm that you are a small business owner. Once we’ve checked your application, we’ll send you your exclusive discount code. Discounts will be tiered based on the value of your order. You can use your code again and again.

Let’s share the joy of being small businesses owners, support each other and help our businesses to grow.

With love,
Sister Mintaka




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