Lamifix Gloss by Vlieseline

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Lamifix Gloss by Vlieseline

Width: 45 cm

Length: 0.5 meters

Multiple quantities will be cut as a continuous piece

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Sister Mintaka presents Lamifix Gloss by Vlieseline®.

Lamifix gloss is a fusible, transparent and wipeable iron-on film.

Lamifix gloss for is ideal for place mats, toiletry bags, and fabrics bowls, as it protects the fabrics from getting dirty. You can wipe the Lamifix gloss with a clean damp cloth, however it is not washable.

This item is sold by the half meter. If you wish to order 1.5 meters please add the quantity 3 to your basket.

Please note that because this is cut to order, it may not be returned or exchanged.


  1. Place Lamifix with the glossy side upwards on the right side of the fabric.
  2. Set the Iron to Silk/Wool
  3. Cut the film generously and iron on the fabric lightly first, then cut out precisely.
  4. Cover with a dry cloth and iron over the film area completely. Make sure to move the iron from the middle of the work to the edges with a light pressure. Ensure that each area is ironed for approximately 8 seconds.
  5. Let it cool down well.
  6. Re-iron the film at any time if necessary.


100% PES
Transparent Gloss Finish

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